Business Website

Business Website Features


Professionally designed interface

Absolutely beautiful interface design and smooth interaction are the building foundations of great user experience. Talk to us about your vision and dream, we will transform it into beautiful and functional design that prompt action and grow your business!

Ready-to-go for Mobile Shoppers

Your website includes a built-in mobile interface to ensure optimal user experience whether user visits your website from mobile phone or from a tablet and it doesn't matter what the size of the screen of their device, we have done all the hard work to guarantee the most stunning presentation of your website.

Build your Branding Online!

As a design company, we heartedly appreciate the branding assets coming from each unique business. Our design approach has always been to dig deeply your brand uniqueness and amplify it. Our website comes with its own intuitive configuration settings so you can quickly and easily customize every aspect your website.

Work with Our Expert

For all our custom design web packages, we assign a dedicated account manager. Our account manager has tons of experience in optimizing your website for the best business result.



Your custom website will be developed using Drupal, which is the most advanced website framework and technology. Easy to use to the end user, powerful to the developer to build the most sophisticated features , and up to date with all the needs of modern website are key attributes of Drupal and most importantly that is what you need to knock out your competition.

Builder in the Cloud

Host your entire website with ZIYO. Everything is in the cloud, with a full-featured content management system.  Manage your website from your beach vacation.


All ZIYO website comes with full suite of easy to use WYSIWYG interface, allowing you to make changes to your website easily, without the need to hire a developer.


Web Page Speed

It requires an experienced teamwork from different technical areas with the expertise and insights.  Not only we can find out how good or bad your web page speed, but also we can help you fix the problem. 

Web Performance Optimization  (WPO)

WPO is a game for the top notch. There could be innumerable technical aspects to impact a complex website performance. Much of WPO work requires in-depth knowledge, solid skills, hands-on experience, tedious research and testing.  We have the team to deliver WPO result by taking care all the details work. 


Superb SEO Foundation

We believe the very purpose of building a website is to get people to know about it.  SEO is a built-in feature for all websites we shipped to our customer.  We offer the SEO as a systematic, multi-step process and we take it care for you you from the architecture design of the website, and extends it through the whole lifecycle of website development, content creation and ongoing maintenance.  

Unique Package Tailored for you

SEO is not a one size fit all process.  From the HTML markup, metatag placement, structured data application, to keywords selection, link buidling,  to structure design, content creation, and interaction with external channels, every minute detail is examined to ensure the most effective mix of parameters in place to meet your unique needs. If you are serious about getting ahead of the competition and be a market leader, make sure to pick our custom package offering just that!

Detailed Search Rank Report

Detailed monthly search rank report with relevant data,  to help you stay abreast of how you are doing about wining the competition. 

Social media integration

All ZIYO websites include social media integration, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


Absolutely Free Bandwidth

Bandwidth means data transfer rate, which is the speed of transferring data. Your bandwidth is free of any charge, because we want to make sure you have maximum bandwidth to transfer data, to reach out your potential customers and to grow your sales without limit! 

Top-Notch Data Center

Our website hosting servers are located in Atlanta datacenter– one of the most secure data centers in the world. We have a carrier-class TIER1 international IP network as well as a content distribution network. This allows internet congestion to be bypassed, delivering your website to your customers at high speeds. All website hosting plans include FTP access, subdomains, and free customer support.

Data Backups

We offer daily data backups, which covers all data on your website and database, for instance, the information of products or services, customers, payments, business information and inventory etc. 

24/7 Word Around And 99.9% Uptime

Do not worry about downtime with ZIYO, we work 24/7 to monitor website back-end and front-end to ensure your website uptime and bandwidth.

Website Upgrade 

No need to worry about upgrading website when your website is hosted by ZIYO.  We upgrade your web system on time to make sure the your website has the best and the latest features.  


Dedicated Account Manager

We provide state of the art customer service. Our support staff and account manager is available from 8 to 6 EST through chat, email and phone.  If you got any questions, simply type us a message or give us a call, we will provide you the solution you need.  Some of the service requires extra cost, please contact our customer service to inquire the details. 

Knowledge Base

Find commonly asked questions, user guides, and tutorials in the ZIYO Manual.

Online Marketing

Google Adwords Setup

You get $75 in free ad credit when you spend $25 on Google Adwords.

Newsletter Marketing

Manage customer emails and stay engaged with your customer.  A wide selection of email newsletter templates that can be customized to the design and layout you want.  

Social Media Marketing

Your online store can be integrated with major social media players (Facebook, Twitter etc.) for social media marketing.  

Full Blog Platform

All of our custom web package comes with full featured blog platform.  In the era of content marketing, blog is an armor you have to equip your website with.  Publish and categorize articles, encourage discussion, and moderate comments on your blog.


Dashboard Report

ZIYO Dashboard software tool can help you obtain real-time snapshot views of your marketing data.  The dashboard data will assist you make the right business decision. 

Social Analytics

It help you know your brand reputation, your product or service perception in the marketplace, your customers’ feedback in the cloud, and set up the right strategy to grow your business.