Arbutus Center
Web Design
Mar,15 2010

Arbutus center is a 10 years old research center for Distributed Education at Georgia Tech. The look of its logo and technology used in the website is extremely outdated.

IDR Dynamic Map
Web Design
Data Visualization
Mar,01 2010

A novel approach to visually locate bodies of research within the sciences, both at each moment of time and dynamically.

Web Design
Mar,15 2009

This is a redesign project, containing over a hundred pages. This website is built using the Drupal CMS.

Web Design
Mar,15 2009

In addition to a redesign of TPAC’s website to make it consistent with School of Public Policy, ZIYO conducted extensive back-end re-architecture to streamline the information flow. 

Case Competition Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Jan,08 2011

The design focuses on the complex context of public policy issues, highlighting the con- icting factors by using visually inconsistent geometry and shapes.

Dr. Edward Coyle
Web Design
Jan,05 2010

Dr. Edward Coyle is a premient Georgia Research Alliance researcher. The website was created to present Dr. Coyle’s research and recruit students.

Sino Africa
Web Design
Jan,04 2011

A complete showcase and information center for Carter Center’s China-Africa program.

Legacy E-Ride
Web Design
Jan,03 2011
VIP Program
Web Design
Jul,01 2010
Dr. Gregory Abowd
Web Design
Jun,01 2011

In addition to present Dr.