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Drupal Web Developer/Programmer Positions (Various Levels)

We are looking for a web developer/ programmer. Duties will include website development, file uploads, some link building, client consultation and support via phone and email. This position will require close cooperation with our design team to provide the best web design for our client. We are looking for an energetic individual who is hungry for knowledge and keen to learn the latest interactive technology and improve their web development knowledge. We are a fast paced interactive marketing company and on the cutting edge of technology. You will never be bored here and there will always be new projects to tackle and new things to learn.

We are looking for druapl developers of various levels. Junior developers will report to the Technical Lead (TL) and follow TL's direction for daily work.


  • At least two years experience in web development using PHP;
  • Experience with Drupal;
  • Expert level with Javascript;
  • Expert level of HTML, CSS, we might not need you to write HTML, CSS but you have to be good at it;
  • Experience with Perl, ASP, and Flash/Flex are preferred
  • Portfolio required, please indicate clearly your role in each project
  • College education is a plus
  • Prior SEO experience is a plus ;
  • Great verbal and writing skills;

Hired developers are expected to work 20~30 hours a week.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio to

Status: Full-time, Part-time, Temp/Contract


Drupal开发工程师(兼职,全职) 初级,中级,高级

ZIYO设计 (是一家迅速成长的设计公司,主营业务在网络互动设计,数据视觉化,平面设计,以及品牌创意领域。我们热爱技术,更热爱生 活;我们尊重人才,坚信任何事业的成功都最终归结为一个超级团队的建立。自公司成立之日起,我们每一刻都在成长和探索新的技术和理念,我们欢迎有热情,有 理想,和踏实肯干的技术性人才加入我们,共同创建ZIYO中国区的团队。我们招聘各类水平的开发人员;初级开发工程师将向技术负责人汇报和接受其指导完成工作。


  • 从项目构思阶段参与项目总体设计,从技术可行性角度给设计团队提出建设性意见;
  • 和项目负责人和前端人员沟通,制定高效高质的项目实施方案;
  • 按照设计稿和设计规格书实现网站或其他应用软件功能;
  • 在项目遇到问题及时同设计人员,项目负责人沟通;
  • 按时提交成果,遇有延迟提前跟项目负责人沟通;
  • 积极配合客户进行修改以完善最终成功;


  • PHP,MYSQL专家级精通;至少二年PHP开发经验;
  • 精通Drupal6,7核心模块,views, blocks, 常用contributed modules;
  • 使用Drupal best practice开发网站1~2年;
  • 能够开发定制模块;
  • 有良好的编程风格,具有规范化,标准化的代码编写习惯;
  • 熟悉SEO并能按照SEO的规范进行编程;
  • 能够按照设计稿实现网站互动;
  • 有良好的表达和沟通能力并具有较强的分析问题、解决问题的能力;
  • 以职业的精神,专业的态度积极主动的跟客户沟通,并提出建设性解决方案;
  • 有互动网站作品。
  • 能看懂英文文档;

待遇 薪水:面谈。

工作方式 全职,兼职。 联系方式

应聘者请发送邮件至 联系人王女士。请在来信中 附上以下信息。

  • 求职信
  • 个人简历
  • 项目/作品链接
  • 请注明精通的编程语言